Web Applications

Web Design & Development We can design anything from a simple stand-alone web site to a total interactive system, interacting with XML web services and handling streaming media content.
Which is right for you is dependent upon your web design needs.
You probably require a database driven web site design, if you run ecommerce applications or the information is constantly changing on your web site. Other examples of database driven web site designs are internet news sites, sports sites, or even simple community sites and forums that require information to be updated on a regular basis.

Web and Desktop Integration

Fexibility of Web Based Technologies Why use web applications? In short the answer is "the cloud". With all the advances in internet technology over the years it is almost as simple to build a web based application as it is a desktop application.
Remote employees can imply access or enter data from anywhere in the world using a secure internet connection.
If your business requires data input or access from remotely based clients or employees this solution may be for you.
All our solutions use the latest microsoft technologies (asp.net, C#, VB and Ajax) to provide secure and instant access worldwide.
Our specialty is medical billing. In particular our Arizona DDD billing software program has helped numerous ACCHS / DDD provider agencies streamline their billing process

ASP C# VB Programmer Web & Desktop Integration AZ Data Tek is more than just another Arizona Database oriented Web Design Company. If you require web based database solutions, we can solve your problems with a Visual Basic or Visual C# web application.
We are experts in MS Access & MySQL database applications.
Integration of web sites and back office applications is our specialization.
Because AZ Data Tek is experienced in a diverse variety of business environments, we can bring a unique perspective to your business application and web based needs.
We can provide Web development consulting and programming services on a full project basis or on an hourly basis.

Web Development Technologies Utilized:
  • Microsoft Visual Studio.NET, Visual Studio, Visual InterDev
  • VB.NET (Visual Basic.NET)
  • C# (C-Sharp)
  • ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET), Ajax
  • Javascript
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL